The first of august 2015, we were so fortunate to be
able to hold a charity event on a sports bar in Cebu City, in cooperation with
the owner Gavan. We had a night filled with different kinds of activities and
auctions, where all the profit was given to FSK. We had around sixty guests,
who each helped us in a different way. Overall, it gave us around 30.000 pesos.
Beside this amount, we got a regular sponsor, who will help us financially with
5000 pesos each month. His amount will be used for a part of the rent in our
future Drop in center at Pier 4. The purpose with this event was to raise
money, so we could start our internships up, with the possibility to be able to
fundraise our different daily activities, excursions, different projects and
where money overall was needed. This event will be performed to times a year in
cooperation with Gavan to help FSK financially. We are very grateful for this
help and all the support we got from All Stars Sportsbar and Red Chair Tattoo.
We will like to send a special thanks to Gavan and all the others who made this
event possible.