We have bought lots of lice shampoo
and lice combs, because it is a project we will continue every Monday. It is an
impossible job to eliminate all the lice, because the boys are also getting it
from their school and other places, but we will reduce the problem by having
this lice Monday. The boys have welcomed our Lice Monday, and like to help


The leader at CSYGC will like each
student to have a focus child, which means that you will have extra focus on
the child you choose, to help them in whatever way they need. For example, it could
be studying English or helping them with chores.

OL day at CSYGC

We have in cooperation with the
students from Rise Above planned a Saturday filled with activities for the
boys. We will start in the mornings with some team activities followed by
individual team activities. It will be made as a competition where you gain
points at every activity by how well you do the activity. We will end the day
with a medal ceremony for every boy and a trophy for the winning team. We have
planned these different activities so that the boys will develop most possible
motoric and cognitive skills.

Growth project at Pier4

We have gotten this idea to start a
project in cooperation with Gavan from All Stars and the families, where we
will provide families with growth boxes. The idea is, that each family will get
a box with vegetables for growing, that they have to take care of themselves.
These vegetables they can use for selling or for themselves. When we arrive at
Pier 4, we will see and talk with the children about the development happening
in these boxes, so that they will be a part of the project as well. We are now
trying to find materials together with finding out which vegetables is
suitable. We will start as an attempt with four families, and on the long term,
we hope that it has been such a success that each family at Pier 4 can get a
growing box for themselves. This is
because of different varieties, such as climate, local circumstances and use of