We are at CSYGC three times a week. We are there to
help, guide, counsel and give the boys lots of good experiences. We have bought
different games such as UNO, Who is Who, drawing materials, balls, LEGO and
Ping Pong. These different activities are used and played with from we come
till we go home. There are boys at the center all the time, because not
everybody goes to school yet, and some only have classes at the mornings or the
afternoons. We have also bought different exercise books for math, English and
science, and dictionaries as a help for learning. We feel that we are very
involved in the culture here, and that we have made a good relation with the
kids and the staff at CSYGC.

The football
team at SOS children’s village is every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. Stephan
and Camilla coach the practice, and Natasja is the team leader. We do our best
to practice at OAD Tuesday and Thursday, which is a football field in the
mountains, because it gives a better result of the practice. If this is not
possible, we practice at SOS basketball field. There is around 25 boys attached
to the team and they have all welcomed us warmly. Our practices varies from
practice to practice, but we use some of the same exercises each time. We have
written down who and how many is missing football shoes. We have six boys who
do not have shoes, and then there is a part of them, which have to big shoes or
much worn shoes. We are trying to provide used football shoes from Denmark so
all the boys can have a pair. In the month of October, we will have a match
against another team on OAD, which the boys are looking very much forward to.
We are also assigned a newsletter, which will tell us if there is any
tournaments or matches we can participate in Cebu. Now our focus is to explain
and show the boys how the different positions work and what assignment they
have, to make them ready for future matches.

Every Tuesday from 11am we are at Pier 4, which is a
street with many poor families. We have gotten a very good connection with many
families and good relations with the children. When we go there, we always have
different games with us, or planned different activities. We have a huge
success with UNO, LEGO and different drawing materials, where we practice the
children’s English and social skills. Many of the families have given their
permeation to let us sit at their houses or restaurants, and provide us with
what we need. FSK’s goal is to get a Drop In center as close to Pier 4 as
possible, as mentioned earlier it already have a part of the rent paid for the
next year. We have contacted different agents and parents to help us find a
place for us.