In the
month of October we had a volunteer, Camilla Drue Olsen. She used to play
football, and because of that, with help from family and friends, she gathered
football shoes for the boys at SOS. Around 20 pairs of used shoes, were
gathered. Because of vacation, Camilla and Natasja, was In Denmark in the end
of October. Natasja went to Copenhagen airport, to meet with Camilla, to
collect the shoes. Natasja brought some of them with her back. The rest will
come to Cebu from Denmark, with family and friends when we have visits. On
Thursday the 5. November, we handed them over to the boys. We thank everybody
so much for the very fine shoes, and so do the boys. Because of no light at our
football field, we were not able to take pictures of it, unfortunately.