As must of
you have seen, we have started the fundraising for Mary Grace. We now have
around 20.000 pesos, which is most amazing, and we thank all of you so much for
your help. Without you, this was not possible. We were on November the 4th,
to what we thought would be the last medical check, to book an operation date.
But over the past week, her infection has gotten worse. It meant, that she on
Wednesday was admitted, to get medicine through IV and to be at observation. Before
the infection is under control, it is not possible to operate on her. This
means, that we unfortunately have to go through a new medical check of a pediatrician,
to get a clearance for operation one more time. When the infection is under
control, we will start from the beginning again with check-ups. At this time
she will also get a CT scan to locate exactly where the problem is. Because of
extra expenses at her know being admitted, we ask you one more time for help,
to help the Ngoho family.