We have had a
cooperation with 5 Rise Above students to do a OL-day for the boys at CSYGC. This
amazing day, took place 3 October. We did it to have a day with focus on
different kinds of sports, development, learning, social skills, social rules,
relations, senses, and last but not at least to give them a really good day
with lot of fun. We started the day by dividing the boys in 6 teams, were each
team had to decorate them self with body paint, one color for each time, after
they made a teamflag. All of this was to start the process of teamspirit on
each team. Then we had a common warm up, before we started the games. The first
3 activities was team against team. It was basketball, dodge ball and a speciel
kind of noughts and crosses, were each team had to run op to the pitch, and put
a mark, and then run back, clap the next teamplayer in the hand, so they could
run op and make a new mark. It was about being the first team who had tree in a
rope. After the team games, we had a snack break, were we had bought watermelon
and bananas for the boys. Then the individual games started, 6 games that each
team had to go through. It was sensesboxes, stopdance, penalty competition,
LEGO-run (they had to collect a figure, same as one, which was hidden behind a
table), hit cans, and blind memory (they had to guide a blindfolded team player
for the checkers). Every activity, gave a special amount of points, which a
team captain had to deliver for one of us standing at a board calculating the
points, after each activity. In the end, we checked the points and found a
winning team, which were given a trophy. Every boy also got a participatory
medal, together with some soda and snacks in the end. Everybody left with a
good feeling, because it was an amazing day with the boys, which went much
better than ever expected. Thank you for the cooperation with Rise Above, and
not at least, thank you to all our amazing boys at CSYGC.

Here is a link
with a movie from the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmjX63vRwJM