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På denne blog vil vi give et indblik i hvad vi gør for gadebørnene i Cebu City - Hvad vi laver med børnene, og hvilke tanker vi gør os om arbejdet med filippinske gadebørn.
På bloggen vil man også kunne læse om nogle af de stærke oplevelser, der er med arbejdet, i Filipino Street Kids.

This month good story

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:31

We will from now on make the monthly story, to focus
on the positive things, which also is a big part of our every day here. In the
beginning of September, a new boy arrived at CSYGC. He is twelve years old, and
was placed here at the police officers in Cebu City. This boy hardly do not
speak English, and has been very introverted when he arrived. He has many scars
up against arms and legs, and has some of his fingers, where the outer part has
grown in to the middle part. Besides that, he has a broken food, which has not
been replaced, so that it now is pointing right. There is no doubt he have had
a rough life. We have been told, that his mother have used him for insurance
money by throwing him out in front of cars, and that is why he have all these scars.
In the beginning, we had a hard time reaching out for him, because he turned us
away. One day we were allowed to take him to the barber so he could get a
haircut for his long hair, which was filled with lice. After this day this boy
growth teen feet taller, and has since developed each day. He have now gotten
some relations with the other boys, created respect of himself, he seeks us, he
seeks body contact, like hugs and so on, and all in all he now seems to be a
more happy child, with the courage to learn different things like English and
so on. Perhaps he maybe even got a new sight on life? We have chosen this
story, because it has touched us all, and we are very surprised about the quick
and positive development he have been through. Natasja has chosen this boy as
her focus child.

If you have any questions,
please contact us.

Sincerely Stephan, Natasja and Camilla.

Eye operation for Mary Grace

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:30

At Pier 4 we got in contact with a mother, who
needed help. She has a daughter on thirteen years, Mary Grace. Mary Grace is a
speciel child. She is not developed properly and has no language, because of
complications during the mothers pregnancy and the birth of her. She has a
chronicle infection in her right eye, which only can be removed with an eye
surgery. The operation will be supported by a charity fond at the hospital, but
this is only for hospitalization and the doctors. Therefor the family needs
money for the materials and the tests before and during the operation. The
amount of money is about 50.000 pesos, to get Mary Grace safely through this
operation and provide her with medicine after. We have been with her mother and
Mary Grace to different doctor visits, to provide information on the exact
amount of money and the elapse before the operation. We have told her mother,
that we will do whatever we can to help fundraise the money. This fundraising
will be started in the beginning of October. The reason we want to help, is
that if Mary Grace do not get this operation it can eventually go to her brain
and infect that to. We hope to get as much possible help, so that this
operation can happen. At the moment we help the family with an weekly bottle of
Camille the for her eye, and we have started to learn the family a special
Danish sign language, as a new way for Mary Grace to be able to communicate
with her family.

During projects

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:29


We have bought lots of lice shampoo
and lice combs, because it is a project we will continue every Monday. It is an
impossible job to eliminate all the lice, because the boys are also getting it
from their school and other places, but we will reduce the problem by having
this lice Monday. The boys have welcomed our Lice Monday, and like to help


The leader at CSYGC will like each
student to have a focus child, which means that you will have extra focus on
the child you choose, to help them in whatever way they need. For example, it could
be studying English or helping them with chores.

OL day at CSYGC

We have in cooperation with the
students from Rise Above planned a Saturday filled with activities for the
boys. We will start in the mornings with some team activities followed by
individual team activities. It will be made as a competition where you gain
points at every activity by how well you do the activity. We will end the day
with a medal ceremony for every boy and a trophy for the winning team. We have
planned these different activities so that the boys will develop most possible
motoric and cognitive skills.

Growth project at Pier4

We have gotten this idea to start a
project in cooperation with Gavan from All Stars and the families, where we
will provide families with growth boxes. The idea is, that each family will get
a box with vegetables for growing, that they have to take care of themselves.
These vegetables they can use for selling or for themselves. When we arrive at
Pier 4, we will see and talk with the children about the development happening
in these boxes, so that they will be a part of the project as well. We are now
trying to find materials together with finding out which vegetables is
suitable. We will start as an attempt with four families, and on the long term,
we hope that it has been such a success that each family at Pier 4 can get a
growing box for themselves. This is
because of different varieties, such as climate, local circumstances and use of

Trip to Bohol

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:29

Friday the 18th of September we went to Bohol, to show
them FSK and make some pedagogical work. We had brought different games with us
and we were open to find some area with street children or an orphanage. We
asked the locals, and they showed us an orphanage for girls. We were welcomed
with open arms. There were about 10 girls home from school. We made different
activities with them such as drawing and UNO. We also played volleyball with
them, Danish vs. Filipinos. The different things we brought we donated as a
present when we left. We have received there contact information’s, so we can
call and make a new visit some other time.

Our daily work with the kids

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:28

We are at CSYGC three times a week. We are there to
help, guide, counsel and give the boys lots of good experiences. We have bought
different games such as UNO, Who is Who, drawing materials, balls, LEGO and
Ping Pong. These different activities are used and played with from we come
till we go home. There are boys at the center all the time, because not
everybody goes to school yet, and some only have classes at the mornings or the
afternoons. We have also bought different exercise books for math, English and
science, and dictionaries as a help for learning. We feel that we are very
involved in the culture here, and that we have made a good relation with the
kids and the staff at CSYGC.

The football
team at SOS children’s village is every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. Stephan
and Camilla coach the practice, and Natasja is the team leader. We do our best
to practice at OAD Tuesday and Thursday, which is a football field in the
mountains, because it gives a better result of the practice. If this is not
possible, we practice at SOS basketball field. There is around 25 boys attached
to the team and they have all welcomed us warmly. Our practices varies from
practice to practice, but we use some of the same exercises each time. We have
written down who and how many is missing football shoes. We have six boys who
do not have shoes, and then there is a part of them, which have to big shoes or
much worn shoes. We are trying to provide used football shoes from Denmark so
all the boys can have a pair. In the month of October, we will have a match
against another team on OAD, which the boys are looking very much forward to.
We are also assigned a newsletter, which will tell us if there is any
tournaments or matches we can participate in Cebu. Now our focus is to explain
and show the boys how the different positions work and what assignment they
have, to make them ready for future matches.

Every Tuesday from 11am we are at Pier 4, which is a
street with many poor families. We have gotten a very good connection with many
families and good relations with the children. When we go there, we always have
different games with us, or planned different activities. We have a huge
success with UNO, LEGO and different drawing materials, where we practice the
children’s English and social skills. Many of the families have given their
permeation to let us sit at their houses or restaurants, and provide us with
what we need. FSK’s goal is to get a Drop In center as close to Pier 4 as
possible, as mentioned earlier it already have a part of the rent paid for the
next year. We have contacted different agents and parents to help us find a
place for us.

Charity event on All Stars Sportsbar

Newsletter Sep. 2015 (English) Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 15:27

The first of august 2015, we were so fortunate to be
able to hold a charity event on a sports bar in Cebu City, in cooperation with
the owner Gavan. We had a night filled with different kinds of activities and
auctions, where all the profit was given to FSK. We had around sixty guests,
who each helped us in a different way. Overall, it gave us around 30.000 pesos.
Beside this amount, we got a regular sponsor, who will help us financially with
5000 pesos each month. His amount will be used for a part of the rent in our
future Drop in center at Pier 4. The purpose with this event was to raise
money, so we could start our internships up, with the possibility to be able to
fundraise our different daily activities, excursions, different projects and
where money overall was needed. This event will be performed to times a year in
cooperation with Gavan to help FSK financially. We are very grateful for this
help and all the support we got from All Stars Sportsbar and Red Chair Tattoo.
We will like to send a special thanks to Gavan and all the others who made this
event possible.

Månedens gode historie.

Nyhedsbrev September 2015 Posted on Tue, October 06, 2015 11:37

Vi vil
fremover lave månedens gode historie for at fremhæve de postive ting, som der
også er en del af hverdagen hernede. På CSYGC har vi i starten af september
fået en ny 12 årig dreng, som blev anbragt af politiet. Denne dreng snakker
næsten ikke engelsk og han var meget indadvendt da han kom. Han har store ar op
og ned af arme og ben, har nogle fingre hvor yderste led er groet sammen med
mellemste led også har han en brækket fod som ikke er blevet sat på plads. Der
er ingen tvivl om at han har haft et hårdt liv. Vi er blevet fortalt, at hans
mor har kastet ham ud foran biler for at skaffe forsikringspenge, og det er
derfor han har alle de skader. Vi har i starten haft svært ved få kontakt til
drengen, men en dag fik vi lov til at tage ham med til frisøren for at få
klippet hans lange hår af, der var fyldt med lus. Efter denne dag voksede
drengen 10 hoveder og har siden udviklet sig fra dag til dag. Han har fået
skabt relationer, skabt gensidig respekt med de andre drenge, søger
voksenkontakt, søger kropskontakt, har positive samspil og alt i alt virker han
til at være en glad dreng med mod på at lære en masse nye ting og har måske
fået et nyt syn på livet? Vi har valgt denne historie, da det har rørt os alle
sammen på centeret og er overrasket over den hurtige og positive udvikling.
Natasja har valgt denne dreng som fokusbarn.

Hvis i har
nogle spørgsmål eller bare er nysgerrige er i altid velkommen til at skrive til

Med venlig

Natasja og Camillla.

Indsamling til en øjenoperation!

Nyhedsbrev September 2015 Posted on Tue, October 06, 2015 11:31

Pier 4 kom vi i kontakt med en moder, som har brug for hjælp. Hun har en datter
på 13 år, som hedder Mary Grace. Mary Grace er udviklingshæmmet og har intet
sprog. Hun har en kronisk infektion i hendes højre øje, som kun kan fjernes ved
hjælp af en øjenoperation. Operationen bliver støttet af en charity fond på
hospitalet, men dette er kun for indlæggelse og arbejdeskræft. Der mangler
derfor penge til materialerne og undersøgelserne op til operationen. Familien
mangler derfor ca. 8000 danske kr. for at få Mary Grace gennem denne operation samt

Vi har været med hendes moder og Mary Grace til de forskellige læger for
at få af vide det præcise beløb og forløbet op til operationen. Vi har fortalt
hendes moder, at vi vil gøre, hvad vi kan gennem en indsamling.

indsamling vil komme op og køre i starten af oktober måned. .
Grunden til at vi gerne vil hjælpe med denne operation, er fordi, at denne infektion i øjet kan gå videre op til hjernen, hvis det ikke bliver fjernet. Vi håber at få så meget hjælp som muligt så denne operation kan lade sig gøre. I øjeblikket hjælper familien med en ugentlig kamille the til hendes øje og vi er i gang med at lære familien tegn til tale, som en ny kommunikationsform for Mary Grace.

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