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På denne blog vil vi give et indblik i hvad vi gør for gadebørnene i Cebu City - Hvad vi laver med børnene, og hvilke tanker vi gør os om arbejdet med filippinske gadebørn.
På bloggen vil man også kunne læse om nogle af de stærke oplevelser, der er med arbejdet, i Filipino Street Kids.

Football schoes for SOS Childrens Village

Newsletter October 2015 Eng. Posted on Mon, November 30, 2015 13:50

In the
month of October we had a volunteer, Camilla Drue Olsen. She used to play
football, and because of that, with help from family and friends, she gathered
football shoes for the boys at SOS. Around 20 pairs of used shoes, were
gathered. Because of vacation, Camilla and Natasja, was In Denmark in the end
of October. Natasja went to Copenhagen airport, to meet with Camilla, to
collect the shoes. Natasja brought some of them with her back. The rest will
come to Cebu from Denmark, with family and friends when we have visits. On
Thursday the 5. November, we handed them over to the boys. We thank everybody
so much for the very fine shoes, and so do the boys. Because of no light at our
football field, we were not able to take pictures of it, unfortunately.

OL day at CSYGC

Newsletter October 2015 Eng. Posted on Mon, November 30, 2015 13:48

We have had a
cooperation with 5 Rise Above students to do a OL-day for the boys at CSYGC. This
amazing day, took place 3 October. We did it to have a day with focus on
different kinds of sports, development, learning, social skills, social rules,
relations, senses, and last but not at least to give them a really good day
with lot of fun. We started the day by dividing the boys in 6 teams, were each
team had to decorate them self with body paint, one color for each time, after
they made a teamflag. All of this was to start the process of teamspirit on
each team. Then we had a common warm up, before we started the games. The first
3 activities was team against team. It was basketball, dodge ball and a speciel
kind of noughts and crosses, were each team had to run op to the pitch, and put
a mark, and then run back, clap the next teamplayer in the hand, so they could
run op and make a new mark. It was about being the first team who had tree in a
rope. After the team games, we had a snack break, were we had bought watermelon
and bananas for the boys. Then the individual games started, 6 games that each
team had to go through. It was sensesboxes, stopdance, penalty competition,
LEGO-run (they had to collect a figure, same as one, which was hidden behind a
table), hit cans, and blind memory (they had to guide a blindfolded team player
for the checkers). Every activity, gave a special amount of points, which a
team captain had to deliver for one of us standing at a board calculating the
points, after each activity. In the end, we checked the points and found a
winning team, which were given a trophy. Every boy also got a participatory
medal, together with some soda and snacks in the end. Everybody left with a
good feeling, because it was an amazing day with the boys, which went much
better than ever expected. Thank you for the cooperation with Rise Above, and
not at least, thank you to all our amazing boys at CSYGC.

Here is a link
with a movie from the day:

Mary Grace

Newsletter October 2015 Eng. Posted on Mon, November 30, 2015 13:46

As must of
you have seen, we have started the fundraising for Mary Grace. We now have
around 20.000 pesos, which is most amazing, and we thank all of you so much for
your help. Without you, this was not possible. We were on November the 4th,
to what we thought would be the last medical check, to book an operation date.
But over the past week, her infection has gotten worse. It meant, that she on
Wednesday was admitted, to get medicine through IV and to be at observation. Before
the infection is under control, it is not possible to operate on her. This
means, that we unfortunately have to go through a new medical check of a pediatrician,
to get a clearance for operation one more time. When the infection is under
control, we will start from the beginning again with check-ups. At this time
she will also get a CT scan to locate exactly where the problem is. Because of
extra expenses at her know being admitted, we ask you one more time for help,
to help the Ngoho family.

Welcome to Valentino, our new sponsor

Newsletter October 2015 Eng. Posted on Mon, November 30, 2015 13:43

We were stopped at a man, who were interested in the organization and
what Filipino Street Kids do to help here in Cebu City. After a meeting and a
visit at CSYGC, we had no doubt that this man really want to do anything he can
to help us and all the children Filipino Street Kids work with. His name is
Valentino, he is from England and has a
firm her in Cebu City. We are so grateful for all of his interest and
cooperation with FSK.

Valentino was very touched over the physically terms at CSYGC, and want
to help be a part of making a better life for the boys. We sat down with him,
and made a budget of what were needed, and what would be good for the boys. We
have already bought blue bedsheets, pillows, slippers, towels, mirrors and 2
fans for each room. We just got permition from the leading team, to let the
boys paint there own rooms and the hallway before we will take the new stuff in
use. This is so that the boys is a part of the process, and they are already
very excited for the renovation of the rooms. Besides this huge financial help,
Valentino want to give 5000 pesos each month, which will be used for the boys
school projects. The projects will help them earn more points, so that they
easier can graduate there grades, which gives them a chance to get an education
and gives them a possibility to participate with their classmates in the

Valentino has a great interest in our organization, and want a
cooperation with us, to be able to help us as much as possible, helping the
children. This we will of course mention again and put pictures on our facebook
site. We thank Valentino so much for his interest and his help. This means a
great deal for us, and not at least the children! Of course we have chosen this
to be this month great story.